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Read LightMP3 Versione 2.0.0 RC3
news.pngCiao a tutti! :)

Oggi rilascio LightMP3 versione 2.0.0 RC3
Come al solito, fate riferimento al README per maggiori informazioni ed istruzioni su installazione e funzionamento.


Postato Domenica 06 Settembre 2009 - 16:43

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Da: sconosciuto Data: Lunedi 07 Settembre 2009 - 19:08

L button isn't working after 2% and there is nothing in the setting to set clock speed for WMAs

Da: sakya Data: Lunedi 07 Settembre 2009 - 19:50

I know, sorry I forgot to implement the "restart track" for WMA and to add the setting.
I'll release a bugfix release in a few days.

Thanks for your comment.

Da: sconosciuto Data: Martedi 08 Settembre 2009 - 03:58

Hello Sakya,

Nice program, I love it.
I realized a strange thing when i used browse all and then shuffle, light mp3 only pick songs beginning with the same 3 or 4 caracter (letter A, signs or number in my case).
I'm using Atrac3.

Also, it seems like compatibility with foreign caracter has been lost since last version.

Many thanks for the great program!!

Da: 73n5h1 Data: Martedi 08 Settembre 2009 - 22:48

thanks, I look forward to the bugfix release, thanks for all of the hard work, this is honestly the most used program on my PSP... I rarely even use it for games anymore.

Also, the "restart track" isn't working for MP3's either, not just WMAs
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