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Download: Triple Triad PSP vers. 0.4.21

Released version 0.4.21.

With multiplayer support!
Still buggy, I hope to have time to fix it. ;)

Released version 0.1.1.

-Added sound when changing submenu option
-Cardsets definition file is now multilanguage (so in english you'll see "Lightning" and not "Tuono") :)
-Updated cardset images
-Fixed score (initial score is now 5-5)
-Faster animations
-Added option to quick match to choose cards' level
-Added option to quick match to choose which cardset to use (but now there's only one)
-Changed some sounds and raised volume.
-Added French (thanks to Hydra), Spanish & Catalan (thanks to Crackiron) languages.
-Added music to dashboard menu (thanks Lemuriamu!)
-Added credits.
-Pressing Circle in a menu now brings you back to the previous menu (and not always to main menu)
-Added animations when changing menu
-Fixed some errors in the cardset definition file
-Added selector during card selection
-Changing options have immediate effect
-Quickmatch options are saved.
-Added in-game menu (press start while playing)
-Added help on how to play.

We hope you'll like it. :)

Released version 0.1.0. You can only play againts PSP with random cards. :)
Try it and let us know what you think about it!

Online this page. :)
Released version 0.0.1a (only for testing). You can only play againts PSP with random cards.

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